Saturday, March 21, 2009

Glen Davis

Our day tour ends at Glen Davis, a very small town nestled below tall cliffs. Most of the place seems to be crumbling but there is an upmarket boutique hotel.

And that ends this wayfaring adventure but recently we went for a drive to Newnes which takes us back into this region from a slightly different angle. While Newnes is 100 kms away by road from Glen Davis it is apparently only 10 kms apart on foot. We didn't walk it. I'll start our trip to Newnes tomorrow.


  1. What kind of weather do you have this time of year, JE? We're just slipping into spring.

  2. Your love of countryside beams from each of these images, Joan. I am tossing up at the moment for a week in September.

    Option 1: Hobart and south from there with a hired car.

    Option 2: Barrington Tops, Denman, Dubbo Zoo in my own car.

    Decisions ... decisions ...

  3. PJ, we have had a hot summer and are now slipping into Autumn (Fall). Regarding the temperature at the moment, it depends on where you are. Here in the mountains are are currently hovering around 20C (68F) but in Sydney and these inland places it is around 5C warmer.

    Julie, what a choice to have to make! I've only been to Tassie once and loved it. You know I love Option 2 but I usually do these areas when I am low on time and don't want to spend much because I have the van to camp in.