Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Royal Hotel Seymour

We camped the night at Seymour.  I wasn't really thinking Royal Hotels on this trip as there are not a real lot in Victoria.  Then as we were turning out of town the next morning I spotted this one!

My Royal collection is sadly not at all up to date.  I have not even added the ones I picked up in Queensland 18 months ago.  I must get back to it.


  1. That's just down the road from us… well, 40 kms, which is down the road in Australian terms. :-)

    With no sign of life, it looks rather sad. Though the Jacaranda tree does help brighten it up.

    1. I sometimes think when I gush on naively about my 'discoveries ' how they are in the backyard of some of my readers. I just hope you don't mind seeing things thru my eyes.

      40kms is definitely just down the road. We drive that far to Penrith quite regularly to go shopping.

      I was pleased that the Jacaranda was in fllower. It seemed to be in a quite run down area.

    2. I think it's great to see my backyard through others eyes. :)