Saturday, October 6, 2012

Budgee Budgee

I guess I hoped for more of a place with such an interesting name.  I spotted what looked like an old inn at the junction of the roads.  I bit of web research reveals that this is so.  It was always a very small settlement though once it had a school, a church, an inn and a butchers shop.

It seems that this inn would have been one of my abandoned shots if I had come this way in 1990.  It was restored and used as a restaurant for a while but is now a private residence.

I've added Budgee Budgee as a locality at 100 towns.


  1. I love some of the strange town/district names we have, makes you ponder how they came about.

    1. I like to understand about the names too.

      Apparently nobody knows where this name came about. They can't find it in any of local Aboriginal languages, could be to do with Budgies (the bird), could be a variant of Mudgee.

  2. Nice shot it looks like the start of a cosy little settlement.