Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Misty morning

Mudgee Caravan Park

Rising early on the first day of the weekend I found a delightfully misty morning.


  1. Yes, every so often in winter here, I want to get out as soon as I am up and walk down to Centennial Park and then the harbour ... love the fog ...

  2. Oh these are fantastic! Love the clothesline one and the one of the bird.

  3. At 15, I spent a school holiday in Mudgee with family friends.I fell in love with the baker boy. I joined the swim club and won lots of races. It was my first taste of country life. Unfortunately I wasn't impressed with the country dances where the boys got drunk and had punch ups.
    I didn't return for about 45 years when I visited there on a wine tour. I was impressed with the quality of the wines. Have one for me.

  4. Julie, I'm with you ... fog makes wonderful mystery in photos.

    Megan, the success of the clothesline at the beach made me notice this one. It was another case of colour coordination.

    Diane, my first venture away from family and home was on a school trip to the Blue Mountains (a big trip from Qld). I saw snow for the first time and fell in love with the place. I'm teetotal so will save the wine for you.

    JM, thanks.

  5. The mist makes it look dream-like.

  6. the clothes-dustbin photo made me smile - they correspond so well.

    And while the Australians are happy with fog (eeeeeh?) the Germans are happy with the first day with blue sky and sun for weeks.