Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bathurst Royal Show

And now for something different. Most country towns have an annual rural show, the opportunity for everyone, from farmers to school children, to display their best work, win prizes and have a weekend of fun. We're at the Royal Show at Bathurst, a rural city (population 26,500) west of the Blue Mountains.

It's sheep country so there were prize winning fleeces, sheep dog trials, shearing competitions and of course champion rams, ewes and lambs.

Lot's more to come.


  1. He's shearing in his slippers!

  2. This is very interesting to me. I know absolutely nothing about sheep. Oklahoma is cattle country. There is a kind of underlying prejudice against sheep that dates back to the days of the open range. Many people here will tell you they don't care for lamb then if you quiz them about it will admit that they have never tasted it. I am an exception to that as I enjoy it very much. My grandfather was an Englishman and had to have his lamb from time to time. It is expensive here.

  3. My grandfather lives in the rural (American) southwest. I went with him to the Clark County Fair a few years ago and marveled at the pigs, goats, and seemingly hundreds of breeds of chicken.

    I love that first picture. I couldn't tell what that fluffy stuff was in the background. Ballet tutus came to mind.

  4. Letty, yeh I noticed that too.

    Bill, I'm happy to eat beef or lamb but lamb is my favourite. There's plenty of both around here.

    Mary Ann, until you had context I can see why the first photo was rather hard to decipher.

  5. I am like the Tulsa Gentleman - very very interesting - , though we have sheep around here but everything is totally different.

    I am looking forward to seeing the next posts ... perhaps a black faced one will appear? ;-)

  6. Something I've only watched in movies... Great shots!