Friday, March 27, 2009

Wolgan Valley

At the end of the trail we turned along the bitumen road (which eventually reverts to well maintained gravel) out through the Wolgan Valley to Newnes. With a view like this at the top, you can imagine it's spectacular in the valley below as well.

It's remote and beautiful but remote for how much longer? On the way we passed the construction site for the six star Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort and Spa which they say will offer a rare opportunity to experience true luxury in a spectacular Australian bush setting. It opens in October 2009 so not long to go. But being for the world's super rich I guess they won't be bother us ordinary folk much.


  1. When I see a view like your top one here, I wonder why explorers prior to BW&L tried to move west by going up the ridges. They truly are jaw-droppingly beautiful. I have just graduated to 2-star resorts so the less said the better ...

    Now to the bottom photo - my favourite Australian landscape. Now that big post is a strainer right? And the little ones in between have a name ... but it escapes me. But why would a farmer/fencer/bushman leave a off-cut on the strainer just to accumulate rust?

    My WV is "plagues" and that is what I wish Emirates and its resort!!

  2. I don't know anything about fencing so can't answer your question. The off-cut ... isn't it funny how rusty bits of metal just seem to be attracted to country locations like a magnet. I noticed it when I was taking the photo and resisted the urge to tidy it up.