Tuesday, March 31, 2009


As we traced our way back home we spotted these wallabies grazing on the grass. Wallabies are rather like small kangaroos ... shorter legs, different colouring. That's it for this trip.


  1. I am sorry, I do not normally react like this. But my immediate reaction was "How cute!"

    Those little brown hands, standing there holding its little cap ready to go up to the alter.

    How cute ...

  2. When I learnt you were going camping I was very jealous, until I discovered I was going to New Orleans. Then I felt better. Still, I love to camp and this looks wonderful. And the wallabies are cute.

  3. I agree they are particularly cute. I saw a news report yesterday about some Koala's in Japan costing their zoo 1 million dollars a year to feed (because they need special time of gum leaf) at a time when their city is going broke and the soup kitchen queue is growing. But people said they were worth it because the Koala's are so cute. Interesting to ponder, perhaps the Koala's should be sent on a period of home leave.