Sunday, March 1, 2009

Senuous scenery

We are on our way to the last small town of this tour.

From Miss Killmansegg and Her Precious Leg. A Legend by Thomas Hood.
“Who hath not felt that breath in the air,
A perfume and freshness strange and rare,
A warmth in the light, and a bliss everywhere,
When young hearts yearn together?
All sweets below, and all sunny above,
Oh! there's nothing in life like making love,
Save making hay in fine weather!”


  1. Curves like this are sensuous, aren't they? This reminds me of scenery down Cooma way - except there it is punctuated by large rocks in the paddocks.

  2. Yes it is like the scenery down that way. We lived in Canberra for 10 years and I used to enjoy driving around that countryside as much as I like going west over the mountains today.

  3. This is another shot that could have been taken at southern Portugal in summertime! Amazing resemblance, except for the haystacks.

    Regarding your comment, Hell's mouth is not a blowhole, it's huge, pretty scary and dangerous when the sea is not calm as in the photos.