Sunday, March 22, 2009

Newnes State Forest

Newnes State Forest is a little closer to home that our last trip, being just over the mountains near the industrial and mining city of Lithgow. As its name suggests it is a state forestry area with both plantation and natural timbers. Today's photo is of the Clarence Saw Mill which we pass just after turning off the main road.

From Driving through Saw Mill Towns by Les Murray
"The mills are roofed with iron, have no walls:
you look straight in as you pass, see lithe men working,
the swerve of a winch,
dim dazzling blades advancing
through a trolly-borne trunk
till it sags apart
in a manifold sprawl of weatherboards and battens."


  1. Good old Les: he interprets the countryside and country people so well.,

    I love saw mills: the smell of the timber. They are very sad in another way though too.

    Is it my imagination or is the countryside that you depict here quite similar to that around Omeo?

  2. How do you get your husband to stop/slow down long enough to get all these shots?

  3. I just ask. We are generally off meandering around, not in any hurry to get from one place to another so it isn't a problem. It is more difficult when we are towing the van because it is less safe to pull up so I don't ask when we are towing unless it is something really special.