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Newnes Hotel

Talking of ordinary folk, almost at the end of the road you come across the Newnes Hotel, the last remaining fragment of the old township of Newnes which sprung up during a shale mining venture which operated from 1906 to 1932. The ruins of the mining operation can be explored today but we gave them a miss on this trip.

Inside the hotel (which sells no beer) is the kind run down and cluttered establishment you might find in any remote country spot. No upmarket meals to be had here, just a soft drinks, ice creams and a few supplies to meet the needs of campers down the road.

The little house on the left of the counter is a collection box to raise funds for a new toilet block.The current arrangement is some tents pitched outside with chemical toilets installed. A note at the entrance warns people that they are for patrons only and that if they want to use them they need to put some money in the box. Even though the current arrangement is rough and ready I guess there are people who prefer them to the pit toilets in the camping ground.

The perfect setting for a Slim Dusty song
"I love to have a beer with Duncan
I love to have a beer with Dunc
We drink in moderation
And we never ever ever get rolling drunk
We drink at The Town & Country
Where the atmosphere is great
I love to ave a beer with Duncan
Cos Duncans me mate."


  1. Well, I think when it comes to friendship we would all like to have at least one Duncan in our loves. The perfect ditty.

    v word: nowaries (no worries?)

  2. A very Australian saying ... "no worries mate"


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