Friday, March 20, 2009

More gardens of stone

We spotted this building on the road back from Dunns Swamp. The scenery in this area is simply magnificant. I have to go back one day to try photographing it at leisure to begin to hope to show you it properly. Tomorrow we'll be ending our whistle stop tour of the Mudgee District.


  1. Pressing all the buttons here, you are.

    First you have the RMB box. Then that fence: what do you call a fence built like that. I will try to find out. I am sure my Dad used to know. Then rusty CI.

    Glen Davis rings a bell from my childhood somewhere. Is it anywhere near Sofala?

  2. I think it is called a Post and Rail fence. Yes Glen Davis is in the general vicinity of Sofala, about 80-90 kms away by road but they are in fairly distinct areas i.e. you would not typically go to Sofala and think "while I am here I will pop along to Glen Davis" you would more likely say "while I am here I will go to Hill End or Bathurst"