Thursday, March 19, 2009

Another goanna

We saw this old hut with an aboriginal style painting of a goanna on its door on the road to Dunns Swamp. Dunns Swamp is a popular camping area in the Wollemi National Park a huge wilderness area. I am sure we will go back there one day to camp.

Dunns Swamp was formed by trapped waters of Kandos Weir, established in the 1920s when the Cudgegong River was dammed to provide water for the Kandos Cement Works.


  1. I just love aboriginal art although I know very little about it. Lovely composition.

  2. Graffiti artists could learn a thing or two from this image. It's simplicity is so deeply satisying.

  3. Agree with Paula. Good eyes, Joan.

    Golly this area is so lovely ...

  4. Oh yes, my eyes are always roving for interesting subjects. Poor hubby has to keep his eyes on the road and come so a halt in a safe spot whenever I see something interesting. He is very obliging.

    I am sure he is happy with my obsession however as it gets us out and about to some really lovely places and at night time while I am blogging he can watch endless documentaries on the History channel without me complaining.