Monday, January 26, 2015

Albury Railway Station

Today is Australia Day so let's celebrate with some of our historic railway silliness.

Here is the very impressive Albury Railway Station.  It gets even more impressive at the platform which is really really long ... the longest in New South Wales.

Albury is on the border of New South Wales and Victoria.  Victoria had broad gauge lines and New South Wales standard gauge so at this point all the people and cargo had to be transferred between trains.  This went on until 1962 when the standard gauge line was extended to Melbourne.

It was also a major transport hub for troop movements during World War II.  My Dad's war diaries often refer to transfers at Albury.


  1. I agree, Albury Station is an impressive building. I didn't realise it had the longest station though. Interesting.

  2. I thought - wow that looks just like the Maryborough one (Vic.).
    But then I searched for it on Poof - and they don't really look anything alike!

    1. They DO look alike a first glance don't they!

  3. This one is a beauty. Have you ever noticed the one on the border of Queensland and NSW at Wallangarra? It has QLD architecture on one side and NSW architecture on the other side quite weird but fascinating.

  4. Really I must make sure to check it out when I pass that way. Thanks for the tip.

  5. A charming station and nice to see how its been maintained. A lot of history there all right.
    Hope you enjoyed your Australia Day.