Monday, June 27, 2011


A week ago our house was broken into when we were away for the weekend. Fortunately the thieves were disturbed when we arrived home very late at night so left without taking any of the many things they had lined up at the doorways ready to go.
We have not yet managed to get everything back in order, in particular our computer network. Hence my sudden disappearance from the blogosphere. Hopefully things will return to normal soon and I will be back posting and visiting your blogs again.

I've got photos from our trip to Canberra to post when I get back into the swing of things.


  1. Dirty buggers.
    What good timing to disturb them in the act!
    Which could have turned nasty.
    Did they have their car parked out the front?
    Did you see them?

  2. HI Letty, no cars out front. No I didn't see them. They had turned the power off but I did briefly see some unusual flashes of light when I was bumbling about in the dark before I knew we had been burgled ... it was probably them.

  3. OMG - How awful! But glad you arrived when you did. And, glad you are safe!

  4. Have you both had time to debrief each other as to what you did wisely and what you did not so well? I cannot imagine all the upset within you: not just the destruction of property, and the disarray, but the 'assault' and then the realisation of the 'couldofs'. Give yourself time.

  5. Dear Joan, I felt so bad for you both having such a rude intrusion into your lives.
    Exactly, as Julie says, give yourselves time.
    The warmest of thoughts to you both.