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Coal train

And the other thing this area is famous for is coal ... lots and lots of coal production can be seen from the road.  I have written of the coal mining that occurs in the Western Coalfield on our drive to Clandulla but here in the Hunter coal mining is even greater.

I did a bit of research on the coal fields and this is what I found on the NSW Mineral Council's site.

The Hunter coalfield is the largest coal-producing region in NSW, currently concentrated around the Singleton and Muswellbrook districts. It produces the bulk of thermal coal for NSW’s electricity generation needs as well as for export markets. The Hunter coal seams are mostly at shallow depths of less than 300 metres, enabling cost effective multi-seam, open cut mining operations.

The Western coalfield extends from near Lithgow to Rylstone, producing mostly thermal coal for local coal-fired power stations and cement manufacture with small quantities exported. Whilst mining has been undertaken in this region for many years, significant resources identified in the Lithgow and Ulan seams around Rylstone and the Ulan-Bylong area remain for development.

The Southern coalfield produces hard coking coal needed for steel production.   There are also the Gunnedah and Newcastle coalfields.


  1. I didn't realise how extensive coal mining was in the Hunter until I drove through it last November.

  2. What else is shipped through that area: Agriculture? Industry? Mineral resources?

  3. A valley of contrasts, mining and vineyards. Great perspective of the train.

  4. I like the perspective of the train.

    Coal mining is a trifle contentious at the moment ... and into the near future.

  5. Paula, I think this rail line is used for coal, coal and more coal. Down at the city end rail is also used by commuters and I guess their is the daily long distance train goes up north through here.

    Julie I know coal mining is contentious but I like the industrial beat of our countryside alongside more tranquil rural activity so long as the two can coexist safely.

  6. Now this is a very cool perspective, I really like it.


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