Thursday, August 19, 2010

An outback adventure begins

Road out west, canola beginning to flower.

We’re on a new outback adventure, a long one so we are going to be on it for quite a while.

This time it’s late winter and oh so different from the summer or even early winter.  Day 1 and we’re cruising along through countryside I have taken you through often but today it’s raining, raining all the way. The fields are green with thriving winter crops and I’m so happy to be free for over 2 weeks and because the canola is beginning to flower.


  1. Goody goody ... 'The living desert' ... thanks for the map from the get go ... bit of a loop there near the beginning I note!

    Strangely enough I have seen a lot of the SA section but very little of the NSW section.

    Looking forward very much to your take on the trip ... and the countryside.

  2. what lovely soft light on the gorgeous
    green canola. this is going to be so

  3. This scene looks very European. I've always wanted to see canola fields in full bloom but haven't managed it just yet.

  4. oh - that IS a big trip.
    The canola is soooo pretty at the moment - NSW. It's a bit early for it down here.

  5. I'm on the front row now, let the show begin! :-)