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Setting expectations

We are whizzing our way through the rolling countryside I love so much. This hillside reminds me of the one that was so attractive in the evening light. Today we are in the searing midday heat ... no long lovely evening shadows here.

So let me set some expectations ... 3000kms is a lot to travel in 10 days and we're towing a van which when rolling at highway speed is slow to stop. I had to be very selective in calling for photo stops so shot many from a moving car and almost all are in bright light which doesn't lend itself to the best images ... I hope you don't mind.


  1. Ah - another one of these exotic tree-larded hills ...

  2. Beautiful hills.. reminds me of home :) Happy new year!

  3. I love that bleached out look.
    It really conveys how it actually feels at that time of day.

  4. Well if this image is an example of all that demuring, I think I will cope.

    Gotta map? My dad used to draw mud maps with sticks, stones and leaves. When inside it was creases in tablecloths, and salt'n'pepper shakers and ... you get the idea.

    Remember creases in tablecloths ... heck, remember tablecloths ...

    WV = redlyted
    used to indicate that the show may now commence.

  5. Hi everyone, glad you still like the hills ... they go away in a few days.

    Julie, at your request a map has been added to the sidebar.

    Yes, I remember tablecloths, I actually still use one, can't sit at Mum's old table and eat off bare boards ... she'd be horrified. But starched so there are creases that's another matter ... I had a dinner party the other night but passed on the white linen ... just too much fuss afterwards, and the best dinner set and glassware didn't get used ... can't go in the dishwasher.

  6. It reminds me of African savannah.

  7. Sean, I am not sure where home is for you.

    AB, I've never been to Africa but have often wondered if there were similarities in the dryer areas.

  8. I love that pedapod/rickshaw. We have trishaws here :)

  9. Happy New Year, Joan!

    I passed a lot of these kind of hills driving around southern NSW before Christmas.

    I'm really looking forward to seeing Mungo NP. I've heard from quite a few people that it's a fantastic place.

  10. I love the contrast between the two. The trees look somewhat surreal to me. Maybe a little Magritte here?


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