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Winter in the west

It's a long weekend and we are off to Junee which is 430 kms to the south west of the mountains (View map here). When we passed though the town at Christmas time I said I would like to visit it again with more leisure.

What a difference. Last time it was a seering hot 40C and dry but about to rain. This time it was a crisp cool 10C and the land was green with promise of a good season.


  1. Beautiful vista captured. Calming view. Nice photo!

  2. Doesn't that white cloud in the middle look a little like a flash of lightning?

  3. You have the most amazing photographic skill. Wow!

  4. It does indeed look lovely.

    That frozen leaf in your banner is magnifique!

  5. Great new header. Frosty the snowman has been. The landscape is lovely with crisp depth f field.. I wouldn't like those extreme temps.

  6. Thanks everyone. Letty there was no lightning ... just a beautiful bright sunny but cold day.

    Diane, I dislike the humid heat but I do enjoy dry cold provided there is a nice warm place to escape to and it doesn't go on for too many months.

  7. This looks like a wonderful winter (even being under 10ºC)!

  8. 10 °C? Not for me! No! ;-) (I am not sure I would like 40 °C, though ...)

    I like the patches of light on the ground, a really nice landscape photo.

  9. This is a wonderful photograph. The long roll of hills dotted with trees, the areas of light and shadow, the clouds - gives the feeling of immense spaciousness. But then every week or so you give me a new favorite.


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