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The cotton crop is in for the year and the delivered to the cotton gin where the seeds and other foreign matter are removed from the fibre. I did manage to find one stray plant growing by the roadside so you can see what they look like before they are picked. There is cotton seed buried inside each of those puffs of cotton wool.


  1. With all the foreign investment argient raging this last week, I have seen a lot of cotton farming on the tele. Cotton in St George, citrus in Bourke, rice in Griffith.

    ... *shakes her head* ... and opening up the north for a food bowl ... Ord River anyone?

    1. The Ord has struggled to be successful ... I can't remember why right now.

    2. Could nearly make the same comment today. I visited The Ord in 2010, and was quite surprised at the amount of land under irrigation for a 'failure', but I guess the breakeven was very high. There were a lot of tree crops for perfume and makeup, which I find tragic.

  2. Makes for great photos Joan :D)

  3. Love the cotton close-up. Never seen a cotton field in my life.


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