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Another crossing

The track starts with this picturesque row of stepping stones.  I cross first, hesitating for quite a while at the little rock covered by water towards the end, I'm worried about slipping.  Ian is following.  Just as I successfully reach the other side there's a splash.  He has slipped into the freezing cold water.

His boots are full of water and his trousers are ringing wet.  He's cold and miserable and as we were on a day trip we have no change of clothes!  We make our way back over the stones and that's the end of our trip to Carnarvon Gorge.

And some people make it look so easy.


  1. :-)

    Okay, I know ---- I shouldn't laugh ... hihihi.

    I like the reflections in the second photo.

    Humpf. Hihi. Poor Ian.

    1. Humf indeed. It took me a while to register that fact that he was going to do no more than cross back over the creek and get out of there.

  2. Shame, Joan. But I know I'd be the same as your hubby. My balance is rather bad.

  3. Yes I remember the crossings well, i am sure I fell as well. But such a great place I never minded.

    1. Mark, when we were younger and more resilient I am sure we would have done the same.

  4. What a shame that you couldn't stay a night there. It is the most beautiful gorge to walk into. We had to stay in Injune because the road was closed but the next day it opened and we stayed 2 nights in the posh lodge. It was a super time. If you want to see what you missed check my side bar for "Mystery Tour" You'll have to come back again.

    1. Diane, it was your mystery tour that had absolutely convinced we must go there. I remembered it and reviewed it before the trip. You had me so looking forward to seeing it for myself.

      Yes we will go back there again one day when I don't need to have mobile coverage so we can stay and do it justice.

  5. Well I'm chuffed that I inspired you. Yes come back and do it again. I remember those days of travelling in Tasmania with Bill forever trying to find service for his work phone.


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