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Mudgee Spring

As this was a late winter drive spring was just beginning to unfold.  The streets of Mudgee were lined with trees in blossom.


  1. Mudgee is such a lovely town. Love the wine and historic buildings. Enjoy your break.

  2. The blossom has been wonderful everywhere I've been this year - with any luck that means a glut of fruit!!!

  3. Good to see the town in spring. When I was there the trees were shedding leaves.

  4. Much of NE Victoria was lined with blossom like this. Very attractive. We DO have seasons in Australia!

  5. The further south you go the seasons become more obvious. But having just finished a bush walk today I have to say spring is also very obvious in the native forest as well.

    Red it would be good to have lots of fruit. I hear bananas are getting cheaper again and there are heaps of mangos coming down from the NT soon.


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