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Nature as art

I end this trip with a rather lovely corner of the sculpture garden.  The tree ferns remind me of our lovely Blue Mountains.

At that's it for a while until I find somewhere else to go ... maybe I will find somewhere this weekend.  But if not, I am currently posting some majestic trees over at Blue Mountains Journal.


  1. This is around the back of the National Gallery, yes? I have wandered through there on previous visits, but they were massively dry periods. Hoping it will be less dry this time around.

  2. It's an unusual but not unlike-able effect - I guess I not used to seeing tree ferns this tall and with their solitary stems.

  3. Like Dianne, it's a different take on how tree ferns look in their 'natural' state. Love the lines!!

  4. Beautiful setting! Fern Tress are fantastic.

  5. Looks so peaceful and relaxing - just lovely.

  6. Just been back peddling through your blog. great shots of Canberra.

  7. This looks rather Mediterranean.

  8. You are posting to BMJ some of the trips that you used to post to SWF. Is that a deliberate change? I do that with my blogs too, when I get overwhelmed with how many blogs I have and what do I post where.

  9. This year I left BMJ for about 3 months without any posts and thought I should get back to it because it is my CDP blog and also has the most followers. The recent trips have been within the area known as the Greater Blue Mountains, which takes in Wollemi, Gardens of Stone, Yengo, Kanungra- Boyd, Nattai and Thirlmere Lakes national parks as well as Jenolan Reserve and the traditional Blue Mountains National Park. The trips over at BMJ have all been within or at the edge of this area. I save up SW for further away trips and now we have Whistlers Rest and I have been a worker slave for over a year we have not had much chance to get away far. We are hoping to get to the beach sometime in the summer though.

    This year I certainly have not had the time and energy to have all of the blogs publishing at the same time, so I keep SW and BMJ running alternately, I always post on at Burnbrae on Sunday (and sometimes during the week) and WR is more of a random thing.


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