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15. Country people

Country people like big hats and country music and make their own entertainment ... and I like that too.


  1. Wonderful blog with processed extraordinary that give great beauty.

    Best Regards from Gran Canaria - Canary Islands (Spain)

  2. Another fantastic shot - love this one.
    Lights, fire, hats, guitars, awnings.

    1. The awnings and timber building ... a dead giveaway that it is in Queensland. It was the June in Injune event.

  3. Great shot of impromptu concert. A warm glow and feeling is shining through.

    1. Not exactly impromptu. The country people put on these events as part of an annual celebration. Yes it was a very warm event on a very cold night.

  4. I experiened a country sing-a-long once when I toured the Kimberleys. It was cringe-worthy. It so aped everything Nashville. I simply had to leave.

    1. I think country is a bit of acquired taste, drunk with mother's milk. While my parents were not fans of country music it had a way of just being there on the radio, at local concerts etc. I too am not keen on the American flavour these days.

      I have found the sing-a-longs at campsites so be somewhat varied in quality.

  5. I can almost feel the heat from the fire. The silhouette in the foreground works really well here.

    1. I was shooting hand held and you have no idea how many images I took trying to get a decent shot of that silhouette.


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