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Home Alone

Well we have clearly left the Grey Nomads behind.  Even though we mountain folk were feeling the weather was still quite warm, it seems most of the rest of the population doesn't think so.

We are at a caravan park near Forster.  I was seduced by the claim that it had absolute beach frontage but I don't consider a fence and forest of trees between me and the beach to be true to that claim.  Perhaps as compensation down by the water we were rewarded by seeing a pod of five or six dolphins at play (didn't have my camera with me)


  1. "I was seduced by the claim that it had absolute beach frontage..."

    I would've been seduced, too. The dolphins would've more than compensated for the disappointment, though. :)

    1. Yes they did. It is always the unexpected that delights the most.

  2. Much better than been crowded out by other campers living on top of you. I sometimes wonder why people do that; go to crowded sites because they are not really getting away from it all.

    1. Actually something in between is best. It's nice to have other people to chat to, that is part of the fun of camping.

  3. By yourself with no other campers for miles? Heaven!! Time enough for chitchat in the amenities block or laundry!!!

    1. In this case there were literally no other campers ... so only talking to myself in the amenities and laundry.


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