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Sunday morning rush

There is a town of Hargraves with a church, a school and general store and quite a lot of houses. As the girls were doing their pony club thing down at the oval the men were having a chat at the general store.

The photos in this part of the journey are a horrible colour because I had not noticed that a setting had changed and I can't see the playback without my glasses so went along blithely taking bad photos -- which I have rescued a much as possible with the software. I haven't been able to see through the viewfinder of my camera for months, it got slowly cloudier and cloudier.  We dropped it off to the camera store last week to be cleaned and the man rang to say there is nothing wrong with the camera and it wasn't dirty.  I will pick it up this week and find out if I am going nuts or have cataracts or something.

Visit Hargraves over at 100 towns.  I have also posted Grattai as a locality (forgot to mention that yesterday.  You pass through it on the way to Hargraves)


  1. I visited Hargraves about 15 years. Not much was going on but it seemed like a nice place.

  2. Love your photo, so typical of a country town... everyone catching up while coming in for the Sunday papers etc.

  3. Haha, and now I read this after commenting on the last post how much I like the colours ... I wonder what you think is horrible?
    Of course it's all a matter of taste but I always prefer muted colours and don't mind a little bit of blue shade in contrast to the oversaturated reddish shades you find everywhere in the Internet


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