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It's a blur

This is the image that did it.  When I was trying to photograph the old hut across the paddock I found the camera view finder was so bad that I couldn't even be sure it was in centre of the frame. After a couple of shots with it being off to the side somewhere (what I could see was even less clear than this), It's off to the repair shop with this annoying camera, I declared.

As I reported the other day the camera man rang to say there was nothing wrong with it.  I picked it up today.  We put my lens in and he had a look.  It's fine he said.  I had a look.  It's all blurry I said. It's must be the camera I say because I can see everything else OK.  I asked my hubby to take a look.  It's fine he said.  I  think I am going nuts and we leave the camera shop.

Have a look with the other eye hubby suggests helpfully. I do so to humour him and I'm shocked to discover it's all clear. I close my right eye and the world is a blur.

I didn't have a clue.  My eyesight has seemed fine.  You see the only thing I am one-eyed about is my photography.

I couldn't even read the BIG letters on the optometrist's eye chart.  He says it's a cataract.

This is the world through both my eyes.


  1. I read your previous post about this problem Joan and wondered what could be causing it. At least you know, but, how baffling for you at first. All the best.

  2. Just shows what the power of two eyes can overcome.

  3. At least its something that's fixable.

  4. That is an unusual way to discover you have a cataract. Are you having it removed? My eye specialist says I have them growing but not bad enough yet to operate. He said I will know when its time. Apparently its a fairly simple procedure so friends tell me who have had it done.

    1. I have an appointment with the specialist scheduled for mid-December then I will know. I expect I will get it done as I have almost no sight in the affected eye.

      Since I have been clearly doing fine with one eye I looked up the web what the benefit of having two is ... apparently helps with depth perception. Also I can't drive at night, all the lights get halos around them which is very confusing, I thought that was because of general deterioration in my sight but now I know otherwise if I close the bad eye the lights are crisp like they used to be.

    2. Depth perception is the crucial benefit. I have double vision: two eyes not working together. Also a bugger for sorting out depth ...

  5. Best to get that eye sorted, good luck with the appointment.

  6. Sorry to hear about the cataract. It's a big difference indeed. Don't worry, it all be fine in the end, Joan. Good luck.


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