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We went hunting this weekend.  Hunting for new towns and hunting for some warm weather.

Friday midday we packed up the van and headed west.  It was 15C and nothing would convince me it really was 35C out there over the hills. I packed my jumper and winter pyjamas just in case.  As we headed north west the temperature slowly climbed.

3-4 hours later we arrived at one of our favourite camping spots beside the river at Wellington.  Warm at last.


  1. Oooh we're going hunting. Love this shot. Point the nose of the van north then you will get warmer. 37* in Coffs Harbour.

  2. Gentle sunlight through the trees and is that the kettle I can hear whistling? time for a cuppa ... make mine weak white and one.

    1. You and Ian would get on well. He loves a cuppa.

      I don't drink tea or coffee.

  3. the perfect location for the morning cuppa, beats where I am sitting now...

    1. It sure was a nice place to just sit and enjoy. Lots of birds by the river but I was too lazy to try and snap any this time.

  4. This gives us such a good insight into what you and Ian travel like. Did you each have a book? Go on ... spill ...

    1. We always have books with us but on a weekend with driving scheduled not a lot of time for reading.

      I always have my computer(s) with me so spent time processing the photos and did a little work in the evening (to make up for skiving off on Friday arvo).

      Ian likes to sit and plan writing projects in his head. I don't work that way, I like to scribble on paper for that type of thing -- plain white sheets of paper with black ink in the fountain pen.

  5. What is that leaning against the caravan?

    A mossie zapper ...
    A walking aid ...

    Wha ... ?

    1. Your imagination is running wild. It's a broom! With a plastic bag over the head because I generally throw it on the bed when we move on.

      The floor of caravans get terribly dirty ... every time you go inside stones, grass, leaves and dirt get tramped in and onto a tiny floor. Lots of caravaners put down a ground sheet in front of the van to keep the dust at bay but that is too organised for me and too much trouble.

  6. Looks like a lovely spot there by the river!


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