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As we moved to the east we began to see some cropping again, rather than just grazing.  This crop is milo, not seen down south.  Milo is a grain sorghum grown for cattle fodder.

I wish I had got a close up shot but thought we would see more milo fields as me moved closer to the coast.  But on reflection it is not surprising that there we none, most would have been harvested by this time of year.

By the way, to save you asking.  Milo the crop has nothing to do with milo the drink.


  1. How can you tell which crop is which? They all look like grass to me, being the city slicker that I am.

    1. Well wheat looks like wheat :-) Milo looks a lot different, it is brown and its seeds are lots and lots of little round balls on the seed stalk. But ask me to tell the difference between Rye, Barley and wheat I would have trouble. I might be able to identify Oats but not just driving past.

      I often do "guess the crop" as we drive along.

  2. Milo is one of a number of crops we grow here in Oklahoma which as a group we refer to as "head feed". Milo the drink I never heard of.


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