Thursday, August 30, 2012


Rather than staying at the big town of Roma we settled for couple of days at the small town of Miles.  It's surprising what you find in such places.  They have wonderful heritage display village with a street of shops and buildings rescued from various places in the district.  This display village has one of everything you would expect to find in an old town - railway station, community hall, church, school, police station, CWA, soldiers memorial, general store, pub, cafe, chemist, hospital, garage, blacksmiths shop, cobbler's shop, slab huts and dairy.  And amazing lapidary and shell collections.


  1. An amazing collection of old style shops all looking so well cared for ... The Red Rose Cafe is just gorgeous.

  2. Isn't it such a super place. We loved it.

  3. Haven't been to Miles, looks great, on my list.

    1. We only stayed in Miles because it was the right distance between destination A and B and I didn't really care for the busyness of Roma. I was pleased we did. The is one of the best museums I've visited.

  4. These are truly cute! Love them.