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The painted timber buildings are lovely but their is a downside in Queensland's sunny climate.

By the way the nights continued quite cold and frosty but the days were nice rising to 16-17C.  Just our luck for Queensland to be having a cold snap.  Where were the 20C days we were expecting?


  1. You have had to go further north for that this year I'm afraid. Even the gulf had 10C nights.

  2. You have had to go further north for that this year I'm afraid. Even the gulf had 10C nights.

  3. You tell me. We've had to have the air conditioning on to warm us and then it decided to die. Still waiting for a replacement. Our timber house needs a coat of timber stain but it doesn't look as shabby as when paint deteriorates.

    1. It was 5 degrees when we were out and about today so relatively the time in Queensland was warm.

      Let's look at the upside, the paintwork on our house might last longer.

  4. Haha, the 20+C Degree days are all over here on the West side!! 27 today in Carnarvon!! Loving your Queensland series - it's bringing back good memories!

  5. Amazing what the sun can do, isn't it?


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