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Summer-Winter Interlude

Last weekend we stopped over at the campsite at Lake Windemere which is about midway between Rylstone and Mudgee.  I was excited because we would be there at sunset and I have seen the lake in evening light on several occasions when too busy to stop and take shots.  Well I was in for disappointment ... the day was cloudy and there was barely any colour in the sky but I did better the next morning.

Being a little worried that you have seen rather a lot of cold morning shots from me lately I came up with a bright idea.  I have images I took in Summer as well as last week's winter shots.  So I am going to run a series of alternate summer and winter scenes.


  1. Love those blues! But SOOOOO wintry ...

    Have a great weekend!!

  2. Wuauuuuuuuu...just beautiful! Do you really live in this mountains? It's amazing! From Bcn, pilar.

  3. Great idea. Do you ever visit Steffe? He does a lot of direct comparisons and they are incredibly effective.

  4. Good idea - that will warm us up - but I do love this morning photo with the tiniest touch of light shining through - very peaceful.

  5. Don't you little fluffy tree out on his lonesome?

  6. Hi Everyone, the shot is actually of the evening, just before sunset. The morning is quite different.

    Julie, haven't visited Steffe for ages ... must go look again.

    BCn, we live in the Blue Mountains which are not these particular mountains but nearby and similar.

  7. All of your photos are beautiful and make me want to visit this part of the country.

  8. Joan Elizabeth, thank you for sharing the beauty of Blue Mountains. I hope to come to Australia one day and see with my eyes and feel with my skin all the charm of this country.

    Regards from Barcelona, Pilar.


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