Saturday, March 5, 2011


Then we roll into the town of Denman ... a place of great note because it is the town of fellow blogger Julie's childhood and has a new Royal Hotel to add to the collection, one of the smartest ones we've seen.


  1. Yee-hah ... I was last in Denman in 2002 when my brothers and I took Dad to stay on our old farm which now has two 'farm-stay' cottages on it.

    I moved to Denman in 1956 aged 8 and attended Primary school there before travelling to High School in Muswellbrook where I completed the last Leaving Certificate in 1965 (the HSC commenced in 1966). I then went to University in Newcastle where I boarded. My father left Denman in 1971.

    It is a very handsome pub, I agree. The Denman Hotel is on the other diagonal of that same intersection.

  2. A nice looking Royal and a drive down memory lane for Julie.

  3. Yeh I know the Denman Hotel is over the road. I saw that and couldn't for the life of me see the Royal for a while .. not that I didn't see it ... I didn't see it's name.

    Boarding ... that's a blast from the past ... do kids do that anymore?

    Denman is a perfect place for farm stay cottages. The rural scenery is beautiful around there and of course the vineyards etc.

  4. What a big collection you already have! This one is great, lovely building.