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A rich discovery

Roxby Downs is a mining town near the huge and rich Olympic Dam site -- the world’s fourth largest remaining copper deposit, fifth largest gold deposit and the largest uranium deposit. But all I cared about was visiting my niece who is working there and seeing Sturt Desert Peas (an iconic South Australian wildflower) for the first time in the wild.

There was a recent news report saying that with all the rain there are heaps of peas out this year and that some are mutating to appear in different colours from the traditional red and black, though I did not see any of the mutants.


  1. They're absolutely gorgeous in the flesh!

  2. Vibrant colours - it'd be interesting to see the mutants too!

  3. that is a really amazing bloom..never seen anything quite like it!

  4. What a strange and wonderful flower.

  5. They look like little creatures.
    Aren't they lovely?

  6. We have wealth under the ground and above. They are the most interesting and beautiful wild flower. Isn't it exciting to see them in real life. I first saw them near Alice Springs.

  7. Wow! These are absolutely gorgeous! Great find.


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