Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Watch sideshow.

We took the 35km drive down the road to Andamooka.  It’s another crazy Opal town with rough and ready dwellings  and because of the rain it was a quagmire. I do hope you appreciate these photos… my boots were encrusted with inches of mud  from collecting them.


  1. What a landscape! It looks like you have walked into a time warp and gone back 100 years. The muddy boots were worth it to get such rich photos with so much character.

  2. Yes - I most certainly do appreciate them!
    They're great.
    So many little details to love.
    How would you like to live there?

  3. Oh the character of those buildings that you've captured! Much appreciated :D

  4. Letty, no I would not like to live there. Too hot in summer and a it too rough and ready for me.