Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bath House

Bath House, State Mine Heritage Park, Lithgow

I could show you squillions of other images from the mining museum but will stop at these taken in the bath house where miners changed from the street clothes to mining gear and vice versa. It previously housed Lithgow's first power station.

Out the window on the bottom right you can see a railway car. The Heritage Park is also home to railway heritage items, were looking at them next.


  1. ooo ... goodie to the railway heritage items.

    One can only believe that it would have been chilly to bathe in this room.

    I dont have my heaters on yet, but yesterday, I put the blanket on my bed, lowered the windows to 1" lowered the venetians and closed down their angle. I will need to do more in about another two weeks, I suspect but dont want to shut up shop completely as my poor kitties need to be able to come and go!

  2. I like your blog. You have a good eye.

  3. This is all in the past. But, in comparison to Saarland, mining must still be big business in Australi

  4. I love these interior shots. The dusty/worn look is beautiful.

  5. Julie,yes I reckon is would be chilly but I guess there were some walls in there then. It was glorious weather down at the beach this weekend.

    Bill and Megan, thank you. I glad you are enjoying.

    AB, mining is huge in Australia, representing close to 40% of all exports. There is boom going on at the moment, especially to China.

  6. This must be such an interesting place! I think I told you I have never visited one...