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Shearing shed

Here's the shearing shed. With the sunshine going up a notch or two since our train ride a couple of weeks earlier the grass was beginning to dry out and was no longer bright green. If you were to go out there today, a further few dry weeks later, you'd find the grass brittle and dry as we are having unusually hot close to spring.


  1. It's amazing what happens around us with the change of the seasons, isn't it? (just clicked your green link ;-)).

  2. This is out in the area that went up in flames over this weekend just gone. Yes?

  3. This looks like a nice place to live

  4. Sheep shearing shed - quintessential Australia!

  5. Martina, this is the first time I've documented the changes in the farming land so very interesting.

    We are having extreme weather at the moment, very cold one day and fiercly hot the next.

    Julie, this is further west than the fires. We went to Mudgee on Friday (will be showing that trip next). The day after fires were threatening the towns we visited. The land looks much drier than this photo.

    AB, yes quintessentially Australian as are hot summers and bush fires.

  6. It looks ominous knowing how warm it is. I'll bet there's a lot of sweat in the floor boards.


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