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Blurry birds

Sorry they are blurry because I photographed them from a great distance but some were so special I had to show you. Going clockwise:
1. There were lots of little birds in the rushes but few would come out far enough for a good shot
2. The swan and her cygnets hurtled down the river on a swift current, I barely caught the image despite running along the bank. In Australia our swans are black, the cygnets will change colour as they grow older.
3. And there were all sorts of parrots high in the trees including in the green ones I have shown you before.
4. The little kingfisher was a tiny bright spot by the water which I grabbed in the hope that the camera would pick up detail I could not see.

When I got tired of chasing elusive birds I scanned the ground looking for more static objects. I hope this tiny shell was from a fledgling bird now flying free.


  1. I thought that first one was a finch of some sort, but my guess (golden finch) was miles wrong. This will gnaw at me all day.

    I love that used egg-shell. A whole story in itself.

  2. Oh the little kingfisher is beautiful.
    I don't think I've ever seen one in real life.
    I didn't realize their beaks were so long.

    Loved you Dubbo trip.
    Appreciate the variety of shots you've shown us.
    Man, that bloke's stomach was round!

  3. Julie, definitely not a finch though I saw some that day... "little brown bird" is good enough for me.

    Lettie, haven't seen many kingfishers myself. I've been wanting to catch one for years so I could use the Hopkins poem "As kingfishers catch fire, dragonflies draw flame" but I'm not running poetry at the moment ... thinking about starting up again next year.

    Regarding the men, I was actually taking a photo of the other guy because he reminded me of my father-in-law, the stomach was an unexpected bonus.

    There's still a short return journey to go on the trip.

  4. Shame the kingfisher is blurred. I would have loved to have seen a sharp image of him.

  5. Our kingfishers aren't as colourful as yours but they have the same distinctive beak. I really like shell photo hope the little guy makes it.

  6. Love them all, but the kingfisher is my favourite.

  7. You have swans??? You're so very lucky. I'm glad you did the collage, I get so tired of every photo having to be wonderful, I like the stories they tell best. It looks like you had a great time on the river.

  8. Also, I like the eggshell, that was a great find.


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