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Green scene

Dubbo is west of the Blue Mountains so we were travelling through country I have shown on other Wayfaring trips. I found it difficult to get good shots from a moving train so settled down to just enjoying the view. The pasture land was extremely green from recent rain and new spring growth.


  1. Oh is does look lovely. Very much as Tassie looked. I am not used to seeing the western slopes green rather than brown. I love the undulating layers you have captured here. We use poplars so much as wind breaks but something tells me they are not native. "Weeds" in your parlance.

  2. To me that shade of green is one of the loveliest. I love the feel of a train ride.

  3. Julie, I like exotic trees, they give the countryside some variation from the endless olive green of gum trees. I generally don't think of them as weeds unless they have a habit of going feral ... do Poplars do that?

    I love the sight of willows along a river but they apparently break limbs which float down and start growing and extending themselves along the river and breaking down the river bank ... so unfortunately a weed. There are lots of eradication programs in place.

    Paula, I love the feel of a train ride too. It was so wonderful sitting back and seeing this scenery unroll ... while eating food from the buffet car ... I was really excited the whole trip. We will be doing the next one before 15 years are up.

  4. Yes, I knew that about Willows - but I think Poplars are more well-behaved. They both have an attractive habit.

    You give a train trip such a nice feel.


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