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Afternoon snack

It was getting late and the rain was getting icy. The kangaroos had moved in to graze on the grass opposite the church. Got me thinking about afternoon tea for myself.


  1. Now this is something we definitely don't have around here, ;-) - Are they really so cute? Or only on photos?

  2. Cute, I've never really thought of them as cute but perhaps they are. In wildlife parks you can feed and pat them but in the wild they would jump away before you got too close. A big male kangaroo can be as big as a human which does take them outside of the cute category in my mind.

    are like small kangaroos and they can be very cute.

  3. amazing sight for this texas lady to see :)))

  4. "afternoon snack" - I thought you were going to start munching on a kangaroo leg!

  5. The grass looks rather dry, but they seem to be having a feast.

  6. Now, this is a fantastic image for someone who lives on the opposite side of the world!
    Camels have been introduced there by humans and now the poor fellows have to be shoot down because they are destroying the habitat... Hope this will never happen to endemic species!


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