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7. Beach

I am a fresh water person rather than a salt water so the beach doesn't actually feature highly in my favourite things.  But because we tend to go Wayfaring to the beach it does feature quite often in my blog.

I chose this shot because I find many of my beach shots are same-same while this one speaks of children and the exuberance of camping by the sea.


  1. Terrific composure, m'dear. Love the colours, and the smalls..

    1. Thanks. They could not have picked a more colour coordinated clothes line if they tried.

  2. This pic certainly nails "children and the exuberance of camping by the sea." Love it.

    1. This photo is at East's beach in Kiama. They still have camping spots within view of the sea. So many of the old camp grounds have given way to cabins with the campers relegated to the back blocks.


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