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24. Lichen


  1. As you know, I never fail to be astonished by the sheer beauty and inticacy of lichen. Parts look like bubbling lava, and other parts resemble insect-eating plants. I am enjoying this Top 50.

    1. I agree astonishing. This one particularly appealed to me because of the variety of shapes in the one piece and the lovely contrast with the wooden stick it was growing on. I just wish had managed to get to few slightly out of focus parts in focus ... an impossible challenge without HDR though I think.

  2. HDR do you think? I know nothing about HDR. I look at this image, and the focus is upon the plane that is the bark of the tree, so the tree-hugging lichen is in focus, but anything sticking out from the bark is not in focus. To my mind, I would change the F-stop to one with a slightly longer focal length, eg F6.3 instead of, say, F4.5. But HDR might correct it, too. I do not know.

    1. I believe the idea of HDR is that it takes the image at different focal lengths and combines the images so the ultimately you get all the parts of the details in sharp focus. At least that is what they said in a magnificent book of wildflowers which had a very detailed close up shots of WA wildflowers.

      I think that HDR is also used to get a wider range of colours but the result in that case if often cartoonish colours.


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