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22. Grass trees

Grass trees grow all over Australia and I have taken quite a lot of shots of them, before and after fire, with their flower stalks blooming or just to frame an interesting view.  But they are most often quite a low growing plant or dwarf sized at best.

I had no idea giant grass trees like these found at Coolah Tops National Park existed. They were an awesome sight.


  1. I wonder how old they are. I've never seen ones that big before.
    They are extraordinary.

    1. I seem to remember they are hundreds of years old.

  2. Replies
    1. They are truly very beautiful and much better in real life, you must try to go see them one day. The camping ground at the town of Coolah is really nice too and there are bush camps in the National Park.

  3. Awesome would do it. They look like the heads of delicate monsters bending down on either side of Ian to get their tongue around the lesser grasses, a la a giraffe.

    1. Nice imagery there Julie. The remind me of something in Sesame Street ... cookie monster or something. I am not much up with the Sesame Street characters but I know there is one with long tresses that fall nicely like these.

    2. Perhaps Big Bird rather than CM. I remeber watching SS for its first ever week in Australia in about 1971, or so. But it proved way too American for me, and I grew to dislike its educational principles. Whereas your tree monsters ...

  4. WOW! Such amazing plants! I'm loving this nature series.
    Happy Christmas, Joan Elizabeth.


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