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I'm tired. Time for a little rest.


  1. Aahhh ... I read that a couple of years ago. It was useful at the time, but I am not sure I retained much of it ... incorporated much of it into my character. I am neither an optimist, nor a pessimist. if anything, I would describe myself as a realist. I accept what appears the more obvious version. I subscribed to Seligman's emails for a while, but the continual optimism made me depressed.

  2. I rarely remember much from such books but enjoy reading them. I tend towards pessimism on some things. The story behind me buying it is that I browsed it and put I back on the shelf. As I get closer to retirement I am thinking of writing again and walking out the store I looked at all the books and thought it will be impossible to get published .... And yet I am already a published author! I went back and bought the book, I figured I needed some encouragement.

  3. Ah, I do not think it impossible to get published. What is difficult is writing well. What I think is a well-written book, others would say is turgid.

  4. I went into Dymocks to get Richard Flanagan's Booker book today. They had sold out. But, the interesting thing - to me - was that I had to search and search to find the empty spot on the shelf. There were no trumpets ... So instead, I took the escalator downstairs and bought three Ladybird readers for Alannah.


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