Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Red 1 of 3

They say red brightens a picture.

Walking a busy bike path is disconcerting.  People, bikes, skaters and skateboards advancing swiftly from from behind, passing and the zooming off in front of you.


  1. It does! Some path uses are not very thoughtful, careful, respectful or polite.

    1. When I am riding my bike I am not so much inconsiderate as incapable

  2. When I am walking, I have only just leaned NOT to step off the made pathway to allow people walking abreast to continue as they were.

    The red here is great.

  3. The red is always an eye grabber.
    Yes, it's a bit sad how pathway manners are sometimes lacking. I sometimes do the same as Julie, but not always - some folk are just plain aggressive (only some fortunately) :D)