Thursday, April 25, 2013

King Togee's Grave

King Togee was the leader of his local tribe, a big strong man standing over 6 feet tall.  Back in the 1850s he was speared by a man from another tribe.  


  1. What does that bit on the sign say about traditional burials?

    1. Immediately after burying the dead bodies the tribal people deserted the area; this was the procedure in all cases, as they believed that the spirit of the departed would haunt them.

      Around the burial ground the traditional people carved symbols in tree trunks to show approaching tribal grous that they were entering another's country along with warning off people from tribal burial grounds.
      Some of these marking can be seen on :Butheroe" between Mudgee and Coolah roads.

  2. How interesting. Love reading your answer as I know so little about Aboriginal traditions.