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A Royal Contribution

Royal Hotle, Murrurundi
Royal Hotel, Scone

Diane has been on holiday from Queensland down to Tamworth and the Hunter Valley and picked up two Royals which are new to our Royal collection.  Thanks Diane!

I spotted a wikipedia entry recently which lists all the Royal Hotels and claims there are over 150 of them so we still have a way to go.  I am in two minds as to whether to use the list or to stick to my current method which is to just go explore towns to see if there is one there.


  1. I think just coming across them is fun but it might be handy to check the list before making a trip to save time hunting.

  2. Nice real hotel, a royal collection.

  3. oooo - I like the Murrurundi one - the roof-line is very attractive.
    And so is the peeling red paint on it.
    I'm going to have to start keeping my eyes peeled for Royals too.
    I do to tend to have a bit of a squiz when I go through a new town but I never see them!

  4. What about the Royal Mail Hotel in Dunkeld - does that count?

    1. Yes I have a few like that "Royalish" I call them.

  5. I would keep to your current method.

    I thought you called them 'fergies' ...

    1. Fergies are former Royals.

      Things like the Royal Mail are Royal but not quite the real deal ... Camilla's perhaps.

  6. Two more to add to your collection! :-) Great.


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