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#98 Pyramul

Christmas is coming to Pyramul tonight and I've run out of towns!!  I will make a last effort to go west and get two more towns before the New Year.

The eye op went really well yesterday I have gone from being all but totally blind in one eye to having clear vision.  It's still a bit too sensitive to test out as a 'camera eye' but I am sure it will work very fine. 

Now I am over that fuss/stress of the eye there is much to do for Christmas so I am going to take a blog break. I hope you are all having a lovely time preparing for this most special of seasons.

I've will add Pyramul over at 100 towns and tidy up the loose ends over there during the break.


  1. That's great news Joan. Lovely shot with the church on the hill.

  2. Hope you recover soon, Joan. And a happy Christmas to you and Ian.

  3. Wonderful!
    'mazing what a difference a little zapping makes.
    Best wishes for a happy and holy Christmas.

  4. Although I'm not religious I think these humble little churches have much more to do with Christianity than the rich and ornate temples of the Old World, which I admire just as art.

  5. P.S. Glad to know your operation went well, Joan.

  6. What a super aspect, best wishes with the optics. Good to hear you are on the mend.

  7. Ah, that's what happens when you read blog posts in chronological order ... so everything is okay. That's fine.
    Have some nice quiet relaxing days!

  8. That's a beautiful shot. Christmas greetings and all the best for a good recovery from the operation>

  9. Great news. Enjoy your break and Merry Christmas to you.


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