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#100 Wyangala

Whoo hoo it's a town!

You can imagine my horror when Lady Tom Tom squarked "you have reached your destination" and there was nothing, just trees and a sign post to places we had been.  Despondently we decided to trundle down the road towards the water's edge.  Great was my delight when a few kilometres later I saw this clutch of houses nestled below the dam wall.  And Mark you were right there was once an older town drowned beneath the waters but a new one was established ... whew.

Go visit 100 towns to see the Village of Wyangala Dam.

Now for a later problem, when I was tidying up the 100 towns blog last night I discovered I had done the town of Rylstone twice!  But no, I have not missed my target.  On the way from Wyangala to Cowra we went through Darby's Falls which I was surprised to find was another town.  So instead of it being a bonus town it saved my bacon! I've slotted Darby's Falls in position #76 to replace the duplicated town.

Hope you all have some New Year's Eve fun tonight.


  1. Wuhoo indeed!

    They were the two towns that I discovered this arvo ... being an impatient little black duck.

    Just as well you had Darby Falls up yer sleeve. Now to find a publisher for this little treasure trove .... a local council perhaps. Tourist Association ...?

    Are you ready to rock'n'roll with your next project as yet?

    NYE ... bah humbug ... I was down at the Quay this arvo and could not get on the bus home soon enough. At 230 whole swathes of the joint was already declared at capacity.

    Whatever ...

    May the wind be at your back into 2013 ...

  2. Happy New Year Joan and congrats at reaching 100 towns. In Inverell today and they have a Royal! Although it is a terribly boring 1970's building.

    1. Oh goodie, send it in. Julie has sent a new one too.

    2. Mine is a terribly boring one, too, but I figured that is not the point.

  3. Oh, well done on reaching the 100 - and just in the nick of time!! Look forward to whatever you do & wherever you go in 2013! Happy New Year!!!


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