Friday, September 28, 2012

Big thing

No holiday is complete without at least one big thing.

As we approached the mountains the traffic began to crawl.  We sighed thinking it was an accident or the interminable road works blocking the road but as we neared the power station at Wallerawang the source of the problem was turning into the side road.  It was one of those big mining/power station things  ... remember the one we saw at Miles.  Well I kid you not, this one had even more wheels, five trucks pulling it and three trucks pushing!  I grabbed the shot as we sped past, free from the traffic jam at last.

There is a much bigger bit of it outside the frame of this shot.

That is the end of this journey. I hope you have enjoyed the trip ... we did.


  1. No trip is complete without being held up by a moving-house or some such thing. But this one looks huge ... fortunately you were soon on your way.

  2. You're right - there's nothing quite like a 'Big Thing' to spice up your journey, especially an unexpected one like this!! But that's what living in a country devoted to mining $$$ looks like, I guess!!