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Being just 12 kms outside Bathurst, Perthville seems almost a suburb but retains the characteristics of a country town with a pub, general store and school. Even the railway line is active with freight trains. I guess it's also close enough to the big smoke to draw some of its prosperity from it.

It was originally gazetted as Perth but after federation had its name changed to Perthville to avoid confusion with the Western Australian capital city.  This town seems to be a rare case of not being a gold mining town.  It was a stopping off point for bullockies and coach travellers.  But don't worry there are more gold towns coming up on this trip.

See the pub at Perthville over at 100 Towns.


  1. Beaut country, look forward to some gold areas.

  2. Bob's Bobcat hire??!! Sounds like he's got the market cornered!!

  3. Tractor slashing! The mind boggles!

    1. Means mowing using a tractor towing a mowing machine on the back :-)

  4. I could do with Bob in my garden. I must admit 'Tractor slashing" has a double meaning.

  5. My only experience of Perthville was visiting the girls boarding school there run by the Josephite nuns. I used to do some charity work for them way back when.

    1. Unfortunately I only discovered the Josephite connection when researching the town later otherwise I would have taken a shot of the church. Since churches are the most substantial buildings in many of these towns I get a little tired of them so often don't photograph them unless there is nothing else or I find it quaint for some reason.

  6. Bob used to be called an 'odd-job' man. A chap with few skills but willing to have a go at anything and work his guts out.

    1. There are still plenty of Bob's out there provided the pay is cash in hand.

  7. *grimace* ... and yet WE take umbrage when the government is not up-front and honest with us!


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